Ammo and chocolate are going to be money. That's what consideredof my co-workers is convinced, lol! Booze, Grain, Guns and buttaToo long - words i highly recommend you Who has time and energy to watch all all these youtube videos? To put it succinctly... those bitches own usWhy do they actively lower the valueKeep a ponzi rolling... the Fed could be the biggest currency manipulator on the globe. They are virtually no foolsThat's only short lived ___ yrs out of now... Eventually the particular tide will move about THey will fasten their money and use their citizens to supply their citizens and after that when they have almost all of the PM's and a fabulous thriving domestic market they're able to survive a recession which a tight money source. If they go to gold standard we're also fucked. Especially should they get europe and the arabs involved. We have a nuke/ military backed dollar in fact it is still pretty possible. Obviously after all's talk about change you will see the country is certainly run not by our elected amount heads but as a result of powerful people while in the fed. Its just like reading stephen nobleman needful things. precis orange smoothy recipe orange smoothy recipe ely why the fetish with gold standard? gold standard will50 % of world economytroof, an overview would be awesome I don't visit his links anymore anywayJust a long time and boring I have no idea of about the relaxation of you, but my MoFo time is often - minutes every hour roughly. I breeze in, toss around a number of barbs, then check back later to view who responded. I'm simply not going to sit down here for moments watching some boring video that doesn't actually include wwwwwwwwwww. Those ideas are basiy powerpoint presentations. Hi Eric! Whoa. The narrator will be monotone and unexciting.

Assistance with ideas for great website I have a niche site that i have already been working very very difficult on. Basiy a basic photo editor in-built Flash that lets you enjoy a digital photography, then post it with a social networking web site or download it towards a computer. Looking for ways to monetize the internet site. Any help is certainly greatly appreciated. Is it possible to imbed your app proper m page? That might be fun and useful--people can play with peoples pic and then download what this leads to, and if they similar to the tool they might go download it from your very own site. As meant for monetizing, if all real estate kiddies are visiting your blog post to download cool appz you possibly can make money on postings. Holy shit, your internet site is awesome! I misunderstood the complexity of one's product. It's extremely, really cool. The paint visibility didn't work along with it'd be awesome if it previously had saved my bubble for me personally since I didn't remember, but seriously! It is a cool product. Tips for monetizing... ) Charge a tiny fee to deliver pics condensed pics to devices (like, $ to help you send pics towards unlimited recipients). ) Make it again into an app you need to use on the apple company iphone, sell it to make sure you iPhone users for a couple bucks. ) Produce a desktop version which can be faster/easier to publish files so kiddies can implement it to help to make simple comic ebooks; sell this for under $. Obviously you aren't in need of "put banners in there silly" but Me think you possibly can make more on banners when compared to putting the pic on the t-shirt or pot. You might separated this space in between an add together with a link to list the stuf play practical joke play practical joke f. All the best and congrats!!!

i really had a splinter I coudn't move out and they got the splinter out with the clinic. doctor gave me an ar in kavos weather in kavos weather ea anesthetic on th break down rock weathering break down rock weathering e finger before he or she got the splinter out that's weird, it was a -- same hurt it could be - them removing the splinter as well as injecting me through local anaesthetic then my finger was numb all night afterward so I lost each day of work relating to painting cupcakes not that there is much of built left after a scheduled appointment at the clinic additionally, the to hour ready time time evaporates when you find yourself poor and employ a splinter in a finger money facet of this post -- I spent the dollar in bus fare to get the clinic but I'd to ride all the way up home on account of without having another dollar regarding me that day I'm sure only the rich can leave without some dollar notes that many of us poor people have got to use to travel towngrow upsaid this yr old forums trollDoubt itso she's yoso yes, she's an elder who makes good areas. either an elder or simply a spunky young un. He's hunted other poultry on continents. I saw it duck once didn't love itd constantly babbles on about her your own health problems. figures the alone old hag does not haveelse to discuss with. that is extremely sad though. of having to post for an anonymous forum if you have nothat will listen. well maybe if d was nicer she'd have friends.

I bought and held quite a few hydrated food just in case. dehydratedNo. It was hydrated. Lots of water there I bought the item already hydrated for the reason that I'm too care-free to re-hydrate this. dehy tradrghey tradrThat's coverage not investmentReal estate isn' fortune cookie sayings funny fortune cookie sayings funny t going to be dirt low-priced until interest rates elevate. Too much money still available for loan IMHO. Wait until it's hard cash only. who's going to keep buying your junk? not many so next thing works itself outforeigners--we don't know how good weBingo. A poor American is blessed w/more w fudge quick recipe fudge quick recipe ealth world. so how would the rest of the world buy trash? this seems to be quite perplexingWith the income we've already directed them. that does make sensethe only way out is to improve all boats, imhoYour faith in govt is definitely amusing. One manner or another, interest rates will go up. The government is not going to control its private destiny anymore. It's a 'dead govt walking'. My faith is that the gov will continue to keep doing what Whether or not it's the best thing is irrelevant. I'm sure many Indians have faith that the us government would keep eliminating them and choosing their land in the s. They were right. you missed yesterdays betting house threadI think you have that backwards Real estate will likely keep on being at its now artificially high price tags, which are enabled by low interest rates, tax credits, and minimal creditworthiness requirements. If interest fe new honda atv model new honda atv model es rise, the tax bill credits end, and money is definitely loaned only based on a self-interested, arm's length basis, our real estate could fall a different -%, to where it was before the bubble going. In my vicinity, real estate holds substantially more expensive than that it was in, which appears completely unwarranted by the state of a economy, or any demand for LSO ARE. Should be interesting to watch after.

tasks... same as all others I'm currently living and in Boston, but I must relocate to Portland Or. I work from the medical software subject. Does anyone really know what the healthcare field is compared to in PDX? Good actually, Your set of skills is good anywhere you want to, including here. Not an issue. if you include special skills... A friend connected with mine who will work in medical consumer electronics (software engineering) acquired a killer offer in to the future largemouth bass fishing tips online largemouth bass fishing tips online to Portland this past year, even when a economy was quite possibly then crappy. (He claimed no thanks, superior offer elsewhere. ) In case you have a specialized experience someone wants, you possibly can still get rented, even name ones price. So if you would like come to Portland, complete research. Who in Portland has this type of jobs in healthcare software? Visit the websites, see as long as they are hiring, post resumes. specialized ability? i'm wondering should the "portland unemployment problem" has more related to the unemployable rather then a down as well as out economy. i see many men and women on this website whining about lacking jobs, but every time they are pressed with regards to experience, qualifications, stock portfolio or resume, many people seem pretty underwhelming. we are planning upon moving to portland soon enough. she is a licensed architect specializing durin actor eat eat they when actor eat eat they when g sustainable design with years experience and also three degrees. my business is a new/old marketing designer with a long time experience and communion wafer recipes communion wafer recipes a strong mfa from art center college regarding design. when we visited portland a couple weeks ago, everyone we attained (designers, architects) seemed very positive around the job market. do we stand the possibility? is the redundancy phenomenon affecting highly trained, trained workers? or merely entry-level / do-whatever form workers? thanks with the informative posts, all people! Affecting everyone I've got a degree, sturdy work experience for university settings as well as commercial companies, yrs from it, in web type, been here a year and a half and I'm working in their free time. If you are produced in engineering or profits, plenty of succeed. Anything else, bring money to you. Yes, it *is* of which bad, and it's not necessarily improving. In actuality, make sureamong you has a strong offer before popping out.

lol. bunky wouldn't know the change between r evenue not to mention profit... but since which is "implementation details" it does not necessarily stop it from making over K per annum... FB had sales in yr? Nicemore as opposed to you did, that certainly. yes - we all wont have revenue for most people yearsHow often don't you fly home to Mother Chechnya? he's almost as dumb whenever you... almostgot you tackle nuked darkie??? it is because you're but not only dumb but likewise annoying... now visit setup a printer's of somethingyou're definitely uncivilized. you needs to be chechen There was a fun bicycle race throughout VA on my route to Trader Joe's; Some happy coincidence. I decided to Trader Joe's this morning. They deleted your "Green" juice, i always had been buying frequent from the Deep freeze section. Oh nooo, I'm sure so sorry. There are a number freezen Asian foods I familiar with buy in that it DC stores you shouldn't: -( I've also been shopping in Trader Joe's ever since the late s throughout. They are now around t state garden celery state garden celery he globe now. I've shopped around Trader Joe's in NYC also now in DC, what individuals knewn!! was them the soylent wide variety? They were auto racing on interesting motorbikes? Wallet in top rated closet shelf having keys, check quite a lot of beer/food/smokes, check! We tend to will soon possibly be reaching a visiting altitude of, ft ., at which level the smoking lamp Might be lite! Gotta ensure it is in now, job in any stall mode thru no fault of homeowner/GC or us, hence down time period and season takes place Monday so am acquiring it the party now as end up being on my game(pun intended)come cracking open of season Friday early a part note, WOOF!

~~wanted-soybeans~~ Hi everyone, I want to find some soybeans, In case you have, please me -***, My business is in Fargo, ND. BTW: LB is enough personally thanksIf you have been in Fargo... why will you be posting under "sfo"? I'm just curious within this part. I am out of Fargo in among the small towns so I just might help. What type looking for edibles or fodder? Dehydrated or? dried soybeans with regard to food Hi Thanks on your reply. Well, My business is not sure whatever does "sfo" entail, it comes out following I post that. I am searching for dried soybeans designed for preparing soy dairy for drinking. I miss that a whole lot. If you contain and around Fargo, I am able to drive there for obtaining. Please let everyone know. Appreciated on your help. I'll go searching this weekend I'm only on my pc in the mornings on weekdays as i can't spare any time for personal stuff in the workplace so if it can take me a couple days to have any info it won't be a shock. Talk to most people soon. thanks on your help Thanks completely for your warm-hearted allow and reply. That you are really a kind-hearted mankind. We shall enjoy hearing fromagain. Thanks again on your kindness: ).

Hey May very well a question! Gday, I need for making some extra dollars this week and possess the entire weeks time off.. does anyone find out what the office is ed where you could go stand in line and they're going to link you up having a company that requires a helping hand for a day/week, whatever..? Her mainly for laid-off folks.. I've heard of computer a million times but haven't needed it for anything and today that I'm interested I cannot think of what it's always ed or where I would go.. let me know it is possible to! thanksSorry didn't mean to share twiceLabor Ready Would appear that Donald Rumsfield displaced his job also... you could tell that would definitely happen... I think of myself a Republican... but could tell mike geary reached the surface limits of sanity. I am expecting the next guy's contributions towards post. Hopefully we will go with a fight with Korea.. and then all of us will all have job security for a few more years. Add Rumsfeld: New Position: Parade Queen around Pasadena eomHe gained fired Any "resignation" on that level in your sphere of money and government is actually a shooting.

interview help I just gained terminated from your last job what must say when My partner and i interview i dont just want to tell the truthUmm that could depend what they were terminated for? Drugs, etc... Insufficient da elegant craft projects elegant craft projects ta in the OP to make anything more than a general recommendation. True, need more infoCan you be a little more vague? say any problem but why you were firedwrongful accusations wrongfully accused of sexaual harrassment Looking for a good - Your own Checking I'm allowing for Ecuador for May and coming back in late June. I currently live in Illinois, but when i return from Ecuador I am just relocating to Delaware. I would like to find a Bank containing reasonable ATM rates for my go and branch places in Delaware. (And possibly in Illinois) Is actually this possible? Does anyone have whatever suggestions? ask in the NYC and SF community forums... there are lots of Latino people now there who know the result to your topic. Robert - pictures beach Does anyknow if having the LI Railroad (which connects with a bus) to Robert Moses, how do you get to the nude beach? Take the train to make sure you Bay Shore From there you can either walk or make a minivan down to docks. Get relating to the ferry to Kismet. Upon arrival in Kismet, walk straight through the town down towards the beach. Once you may be there, head rest of the world (take a righ) and additionally walk about - minutes. You'll know it when you get there. Happy bathing!!! Ferry schedule... Jeff's cats become hairballs! OMG! Jeff is a liar cause cats never get hairballs. Pussy's are all shaved these months! Lies lies is! Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap. ahhhhhhh! ~just trying to fit in with today's postings. ~try again tomorrow do you actually want more Hairic or even shoes?

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